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The Hunger Games

Film 2012

Hunger Games - fiction film of 2012, directed by Gary Ross, based on the novel by Suzanne Collins. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Joshua Hatcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Woody Harrelson and Hemsvort. Wikipedia
Premiere: March 12, 2012 (Los Angeles)
Special composition: Safe & Sound
Next: The Hunger Games: The fire
Composer James Newton Howard
Budget: 78 million USD

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In the future, the unknown North America will survive the catastrophe, therefore twelve districts are uniting the country under the leadership of Panem Capitol. To keep the population out of fear districts in humility, Capitol decided to hold annually cruel reality show - Hunger Games, in which a boy and girl from each district are forced to take part in a deadly battle where the winner can be only one. During the celebration of Harvest young Katniss Everdeen and her friend Gayle forced to take part in the draw - a promise to all children lord of twelve to eighteen. For several years they were lucky not to get on the game - the lot fell on the other, and whether favorable to them and the fate of these harvest? What's worse: what is a relentless hand Capitol disconnect Katnis and Gale forever?

Personal impressions:
The film "The Hunger Games" absorbed me that I could not resist not to search a dinner for him. A few nights in a row I lived this story, because even finished watch, at night I lay awake in bed and prokruchuvala in my head the whole history of the brave ... Kitnis film "The Hunger Games" simply incredible.

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The Hunger Games 1 (2012)
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